My Premier League predictions



With busy fixtures lined up for Tuesday and Wednesday sure you will be trying to figure out the chances of your favourite team winning be it for a bet or just the norm of being a football fan. Well! here are my thoughts and possible predictions.

Brighton v Crystal Palace


Over the weekend Brighton put up a brilliant performance against Manchester United and were just unlucky at the end. Palace on the other hand were able to fight to the end and secured a late winner against Stoke. Will both teams maintain that form? Well! I can see it being a tough game with both sides fighting to win but I will risk this by making Brighton favourites. I am going for a 1-1 draw

Leicester City v Tottenham

Though Spurs have been good away this season, I see this being a tough game for them and I am going with a 1-1 draw

Watford v Man United

United have been very fortunate in their last few games but I don’t see them having much luck against a brilliant Watford side. Going for 1-0 in favour of Watford

West Brom v Newcastle

Newcastle have been in poor form and I see West Brom who fought hard against spurs taking advantage of this. Going for a 2-1 West Brom win

Wednesday Games

Arsenal v Huddersfield

Though Huddersfield make life difficult for clubs at home they’ve not been very brilliant away. With Arsenal having home advantage I am going with a 2-0 Arsenal win

Bournemouth v Burnley

Bournemouth have been trying to makeup for their poor start this season and I don’t see Burnley who were unlucky against Arsenal over the weekend stopping them. Going for a 2-0 win in favour of Bournemouth

Chelsea v Swansea

Chelsea did not have an easy ride against Liverpool over the weekend but they still had moments of brilliants. I don’t see Swansea coping too well with a brilliant Eden Hazard a very technical Alvaro Morata on a good day. Going for a 4-0 Chesea win

Everton v West Ham

Everton have been struggling in every aspect and I don’t see them having much luck on Wednesday but I am going with a 1-1 draw

Manchester City v Southampton

Man City are in a very brilliant form this season and I don’t see a not very exceptional Southampton side slowing them down. So I am going for a 3-0 City win.

That’s all my predictions for the midweek fixtures. Why not challenge me by sharing your own thoughts and predictions in the comment section.


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